Wonders of Aquatic ART, be it Fresh water or Marine Water, recreated in its true splendor and stunning beauty in AQUARIUMS has become an indispensable part of Daily life. We HAPPY FISH AQUA ART STORE with our cutting edge technology and customer friendly attitude of professionalism has developed this into a fine art of aquarium. As far our Generations hobby towards aquariums are trending in a very good manner. Here with our new aquarium showroom HAPPY FISH AQUA ART STORE we are promoting the designs and concepts of the aquariums for the Residence, Office, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Showrooms, Malls etc in a luxurious standard with all supports and guidance. Either than the present fading trend of Planted aquarium concepts, we are introducing the very new Marine Aquariums in palakkad in a very effective and successful manner with all new Scientific Attributes.

We are inspired by nature and hope to share with our customers an appreciation for the wonders of life on earth

A novel way of expressing that love for nature is through an artfully designed aqua cape. Everything is connected in nature and we see our aquascaping business as an opportunity to affect people positively and to make the world a better place, even in a small way. If even a small portion of our clients leave us with a better appreciation for the interrelationships of plants, fish, aquatic ecosystems and the stewardship of nature, we will have done our job.

One of our lifelong dreams was to open a magical aquarium shop that would become a destination experience as much as a pet store

Our Store is the result of years of focused aquarium experience, passion, and dedication to the art of Aquascaping. Our goal is to inspire every person who walks into to our store.
We realize our customers and community are the most important factor in our business' success. To keep high quality customer service standards, every customer interaction is handled by The proprietor and sole operator, Arun Krishna.
We are endlessly grateful for this opportunity to celebrate our love for naturalistic aquariums with the wonderful Customers…

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING IS - "One of – The best places for seeing what can be accomplished with an aquarium."
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